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Medi-Green works with multiple Licensed Commercial Producers (LCPs) so your treatment options aren’t limited. To get a detailed understanding of licensed commercial producers visit Cannabis Canada Association.

Three Reasons You Need To Choose The Right LCP

Where can I legally obtain Medical Cannabis?
Licensed producers authorized by Health Canada are the only legal source of cannabis. Refer to Health Canada’s list: There are NO other suppliers of legal medical cannabis.
How do I know I am getting a safe, quality product?
Medical Cannabis is cultivated according to Good Production Practices (GPP) and subjected to regular and rigorous government quality and regulatory audits. Quality controlled products feature a wide range of the cannabinoids THC and CBD. Cannabinoid levels of each product are tested for accuracy. Testing for impurities such as fungus, bacteria, heavy metals and pesticides are conducted to guarantee the safety of all products. Packaging and labelling are regulated. Products are sold in child-resistant containers.
How am I protected?
With a licensed producer you are fully protected.

  • You have proof of legal possession and can travel within Canada with your medication.
  • You are protected by the Health Canada recall mechanism in case of product issues.
  • Medical cannabis from licensed producers is an allowable medical expense on personal federal taxes.


Our LCP Partners

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