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Here’s Some Answers To Your Medical Marijuana Questions

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How much Cannabis should I use?

The doctor will prescribe the amount (in number of grams) that they recommend per day. The general rule is to start at a lower dose of 1-3 grams.

How do I get my medication from the Licensed Commercial Producer?

After placing an order from a Licensed Commercial Producer, your medication is delivered directly to your home via courier

How do I use medical cannabis?

Dried Cannabis can be vaporized, baked into edibles or used to make infused butters and oils. We DO NOT recommend smoking dried cannabis. Not only is it unhealthy because of the inhaled carcinogens but the smoke also results in the loss of much of your medication. There are also topical creams and oils as well as edible oils. Your cannabis coach can help you choose the right product and method to suit your needs.

What is vaporization?

Vaporization refers to the heating of dried cannabis to a temperature that vaporizes but does not burn. This method eliminates most of the health risks associated with smoking and offers almost instant medicinal affect.

What is the difference between vaporizing and edible oils?

Vaporizing cannabis makes the affects felt within a few minutes and therefore reduces the chance of over-consumption. When taken orally (as an oil or baked edible) the affect is slower and may take up to two hours to take effect. Also, its potency is higher and the effects last longer (6-8hrs). If you are new to using medical marijuana it is recommended that you start with a very low dose until you know how it affects you.

Is medical cannabis safe?

The ACMPR program was created to ensure that there is a safe supply of medical cannabis for patients. The program includes strict manufacturing standards and 3rd party quality control testing for all Canadian licensed producers.

What’s the difference between a licensed producer and a ‘dispensary’?

Licensed producers are licensed by Health Canada and are legally allowed to supply medical cannabis. They are governed by extensive quality, safety and security regulations. Unlike LPs, dispensaries are illegal. There is no governing body for illegal marijuana and as such can include contaminants and which can be life threatening for some patients.

Can I drive after I use medical cannabis?

The College of Family Physicians of Canada provides the following guidelines for driving under the influence of cannabis:
Do not drive for at least:
1. Four hours after inhalation
2. Six hours after oral ingestion
3. Eight hours after inhalation or oral ingestion if the patient experiences euphoria.

I’m not located in Ontario.  How can I have an appointment?

Medi-Green serves all of Canada via our Tele-Medicine service. You can do so from the comfort of your own home. Call our office, 1-855-325-0001 to find out how.

What is the cost of your service?

We are a privately-run clinic with a yearly membership fee of $89.99 plus HST*. We will assist with the process of building a file for assessment as well as registering with a Licensed Producer to purchase medical cannabis. You may request a consultation with a Cannabis Coach for education on strain selection and methods of administering your medication as well as clarification on the current regulations set out by Health Canada. We ensure a smooth and easy transaction process of our patients.

*fees may be subject to change

What will the cost of my medication be from a Licensed Commercial Producer?

Each producer sets their own pricing, but patients can expect to spend anywhere from $3-$35 per gram, depending on the strain.

Does everyone get accepted into Health Canada’s ACMPR program?

No. There are a lot of things that factor into the eligibility for medical cannabis. Your physician or specialist must have pre-diagnosed you with an eligible condition within the past 12 months.

Can a doctor refer me to Medi-Green Cannabis Clinic?

Yes. Absolutely, they can. Referrals from doctors or specialists are not required, but they can be beneficial when obtaining documentation regarding your condition(s).

What do I need to bring to my first appointment (if done in person)?

The fee of $89.99 plus HST, your health card and supporting medical documentation of your pre-diagnosed condition. You may obtain your Cumulative Patient Profile (CPP) from your doctor’s office to support your file, as well as your prescription history from your pharmacy.

Is my medication covered by OHIP or private insurance?

At this time, no, it is not covered by OHIP.  Each insurance company is different and so is each policy.  We recommend that you call your private insurance company for details on what may be covered.  If you are a member of Veterans Affair, your appointment and medication may be covered.

Once I am approved and registered with a Licensed Commercial Producer, what is my proof of authority to possess cannabis?

Your proof of authority to possess will either be a label on the packaging or a separate document/card which will accompany your first order of dried marijuana from the licensed producer.

How do I know what strain I need?

In some cases our doctors will recommend a strain in the prescription.  Otherwise, the team of Cannabis Coaches at Medi-Green will give you some guidance and assist you in which strains will be best for you and your needs.  Licensed producers are also able to give you guidance on their own strains, but can’t help you out with what other licensed producers carry.

How do I get my medication from the Licensed Commercial Producer?

After placing an order from a Licensed Commercial Producer, they will mail your medicine directly to your house by courier.

Can I lose my job if my employer finds out I take cannabis for medical purposes?

If your employer has a strict “no drug” policy at work, yes, your job may be at risk.  However, all records of the ACMPR program are confidential medical documents and cannot be accessed by your employer.

Does the ACMPR program tag me as a user or will it show up on my driver’s license? Does law enforcement have access to the ACMPR database to see who has their ACMPR cards?

No, law enforcement cannot see who has access to the ACMPR program or that you are a user of medical marijuana. You are, however, required to carry the ACMPR card on you at all times, particularly while you are carrying marijuana on your person. Those who are part of the program are not tagged through a driver’s license or law enforcement database of any kind.

Can I travel with my prescription / how much am I allowed to have on me?

Yes. You may travel with your medication within Canada. You are allowed to carry with you your daily limit x 30, but you are not permitted to exceed 150 grams.  For air travel, we recommend that you check with the airline.