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Manage Your Pain & Chronic Illness Using Medical Cannabis—Legally In Canada

Canadian veterans, front line responders and eligible medical patients can treat pain and chronic illness (like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) through the Health Canada Access To Cannabis For Medical Purposes Regulation (ACMPR). ACMPR is the new set of rules for growing, buying and selling medical marijuana in Canada.

Meet with Medi-Green medical professionals in a comfortable and friendly environment, whether you come to a Pain Management Centre or connect from home. The Medi-Green team is dedicated to helping you use medical marijuana safely through consultation, education and ongoing support.

At Medi-Green you’ll get the right information about your specific medical marijuana treatments so you can make informed decisions about long term health goals you can achieve.

You’ll Work With Three Medi-Green Team Members Who’ll Help You Get Started With Your Treatment

  1. A Medi-Green Cannabis Professional who’ll explain the legal obligations of medical marijuana treatment, and help you understand and choose a Licensed Commercial Producer (LCP) so you can make an informed decision about your marijuana treatment;
  2. A Nurse Practitioner who’ll walk you through the treatment process so you get the most benefits from your prescription;
  3. A compassionate Medical Doctor familiar with medical marijuana treatment who’ll assess your conditions so you can order the right product to relieve your symptoms.